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About Me

Hello, thank you for visiting Clarksville's Auto buying solutions, my name is Steven Howell. I reside in the lovely city of Clarksville Tenessee, also known as "the gateway to the new south". Although I'm not a native of Clarksville, I've spent the greater portion of my life here.
As any person who is familiar with the Clarksville area, there is not a  shortage of car lots and banks, which is a positive thing. However, at the same time it can make the process overwhelming. I've bought a few cars in the Clarksville area. I have to say my experiences vary from very good to (lets say) not so good. I've been on all ends of the customer base spectrum. I've been the guy who had zero credit, I've been the guy with good credit, and I've been the guy with credit trouble. Regardless of my credit standing I'm still the same person with the same need. However, I did not always feel that I was viewed that way. After serving in the military and trying a few different careers I struggled to find something that suited me. I wanted something that gave me the same fulfillment and purpose that I felt while serving. I joined shortly after 9/11 because I wanted to protect my family, friends and loved ones, from people  who had no regard for their life. I looked into becoming a super hero but I was unsucessful in  finding a place I could develop super powers. That was your que to laugh :-)....Anywho, through much thought I've realized that all of the training and exercises we did in the military prepared me for any aspect of life I wanted to apply it to. I was taught that our battles are not always fought with physical high power weapons, but regardless of the situation you have to succeed with the weapon of opportutniy. In this case, I've found an opportunity to continue to serve my commuinty with integrity and protect their car buying experience with my knowledge.